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Ieškau Moteris Atsitiktinis romanas Uyo Bettyjim

I'm a woman of 24 yrs,Just in need of a female lover between the age of 20-50.

Bettyjim, 29 metai, Uyo

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Ieškau Vyras Bendravimas čate Los Angeles kahty22

Esu woman, 30 metų, Ieškau man Amžius nuo 26 iki 46

kahty22, 30 metų, Los Angeles

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Ieškau Vyras Ilgalaikiai santykiai arba vedybos Albany debbietracy

i am looking for man of my dream

debbietracy, 48 metai, Albany

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Ieškau Vyras Ilgalaikiai santykiai arba vedybos Los Angeles lovefaith7777

My name is Juliet, blue eyes, 5ft,8in, weigh 62kg .I am Looking for That Special someone to complete my life. I am looking for the Man that I can get lost in conversation with just as easily as we can share one of those moments of comfortable silence in each others arms. I love to laugh and joke...

lovefaith7777, 39 metai, Los Angeles

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Ieškau Vyras Trumpalaikis ryšys Panama City Janetsaintonline

love is good

Janetsaintonline, 55 metai, Panama City

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Ieškau Vyras Ilgalaikiai santykiai arba vedybos Lomé falewoml0o

Esu woman, 26 metai, Ieškau man Amžius nuo 20 iki 60

falewoml0o, 26 metai, Lomé

Ilgalaikiai santykiai arba vedybos

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